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So I am new to CNC and purchased the Maslow for some projects coming up. Ran into issues with motor slop and chain tension/falling off sprocket. But I have fixed all those issues and painstakingly calibrated! Many times! So here is where I am now… I feel the machine is calibrated well. However I think I am having a file issue. I’m using Easel to create the code. And everything on the first pass looks good. Strait lines and curves are fine. But once the machine plunges for the 2nd pass 2 things happen. 1. The Z axis goes too deep. 2. The 2nd pass is skewed from the 1st. If I let it go for the 3rd it will plunge and skew more. Now the fact that the first cut looks good makes me think its calibrated decent. And the path looks good in ground control. Any tips of how to hone this in?

What z-axis are you using?
What happens when you run gcode that only has a single pass with one depth a second time? Will it follow the first pass?
Could be that you have gcode issues, could be that you have machine issues.
The questions to both questions may help.
If can send a picture that could also help.

I am using the z-axis from the basic kit. I haven’t tried running a shallow cut twice. But I can try that today and see what happens. While digging in the forum I saw a post about noise from the power cord on the router. And I do have mine bundled. So I will try separating that as well.

You might want to try a test with something other than easel. In a support group for another router we’re seeing a lot of reports about easel toolpath shifts. This would let you tell if it’s another easel issue or something else.

I prefer Carbide Create (just added support not Maslow size workpiece grids) these days but it requires installation. Kiri: Moto might be a good online tool for a quick test

Ok. I’m pretty sure it was my code. I downloaded the Maslow logo off the forum. And it came out perfect. Even the issue with the z-axis was fine. I stopped it after it started its 2nd path and it was right on path.

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I downloaded Carbide Create. I don’t see Maslow anywhere in there. Do you have a suggestion for setting that up?

Pick any size Shapeoko, the nomad uses a different firmware. Pick the grbl postprocessor, and select metric (which will also handle inch designs).

In the gear icon settings you set the workpiece size. Until recently it would handle bigger than a Shapeoko xxl projects but not extend the layout grid any bigger (the grid will be the same size as the project workpiece). A recent update (it’s under pretty active development, interestingly they develop an a Mac and then recompile for windows releases) increased that to 96x96 inches and the metric equivalent.

They have a series of decent video tutorials. I’m biased against video manuals (make it hard to find that one option you need) but these are short and cover the basics. There’s also a lot of advice and examples in their forum, and if you ask nicely they’re good to non-shapeoko users, Will put in a lot of time helping me trying to v carve an old chip carving design.