Architecture major looking for a 2'x2' gantry style desktop cnc

Not sure if this I the correct category to post in, but my step daughter’s boyfriend is looking for a desktop type CNC that can cut a full 2’x2’. I know that Bar had the Makesmith but wasn’t sure of the max cut dimensions. Does anyone know of any diy projects for this? He is a 4th year Architecture major and would like to use it for school and work projects.

Shapeoko xl (or maybe xxl)
X-carve (multiple size options)
Zenbotcnc has one around that size

I have a much smaller Zenbot Mini, only know the others through reputation and through the Shapeoko/Carbide3D forums. I’d probably go with an SO3 with a grbl or smoothie based controller.

I wish him luck with his studies. One of my daughters got her Masters of Architecture a couple years ago and just completed a fellowship in NZ, worked hard at both


I’d say Shapeoko -

Thank you


I also have the X Carve! Fun to put together and very nice. It uses the Easel software to design and drive it. Easy to learn.


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Kirk, Brandon and Lon, thanks for the info. I’ll pass your replies right along!

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