My other CNC is a - " "

So others may know and ask about other processes. I thought a list of CNC toys might help.

I’ll start -

My other CNC

is a Shapeoko 3 CNC 16 x 16 x 3 inch area

is a Samuel 3D printer 8 x 10 X 8 ish area

is a Emblazer 1 Laser cutter/etcher 12 x 8 inch 3 watt

Thank you

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Love the idea! Don’t have too much in the way of CNC toys yet.

My other CNC

is an XYZ DaVinci 1.0 (yes, I know it’s a crappy printer, but hey, it was free!)

I also have a Prusa i3 that’s a WIP, but it’s far from it’s first print.


My other CNCs are:

  1. 12x12x12 Aluminatus 3D printer.
  2. 12x24x2 New Hermes 7000 Vanguard I use as a router, converted to run on Mach.
  3. 12x24 Universal Laser Cutter

Robo3D Printer
K40 Laser cutter
Lagun Milling Machine with a Crusader II control box.

Oh… I completely forgot about the egg-bot…


V1 Printrbot Plus, modded
ThingyBot Delta
Zenbot Mini, G540, LinuxCNC (idled after Printrbot, needs rewiring and relinuxing)
K40 awaiting C3D Mini install
Maslow awaiting shop construction awaiting spring
EggBot Deluxe
Chinese 2.5W diode laser with bad control board, GearBest DOA non-existent warranty
QU-BD RPM pre-order, incomplete box-o-parts

I see a theme here, too many under (re)construction gadgets

Wish list: ShapeOKO 3 xxl or equivalent, CNC ornamental turning lathe


China 6040Z CNC, second hand with broken water cooling on ancient PC with parallel port running LinuxCNC. I have all the parts to mod it to USB (gbrl/arduino) but can’t find the time. And it’s running, so…


Emblaser 2
Waiting for shaper origin -pto bring out 220V version to use in Aus.