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Arduino/Motor Shield Enclosure (Picture Heavy)


Finally took a pic of my modified arduino mount.

Getting Started - Training Wheels for Noobs

I would love to buy one of these housing for our new Maslow if you are still selling them


My printer isn’t presently set up, but I could fix that. I moved about a month ago and between fixing up the new house and my new job, I haven’t had as much time as I’d like for printing and Maslowing.

The case that I have on this Thingiverse page is $30 shipped domestically. I’m not in a place where I can ship internationally. I have made a change, where I used to have wire extenders for the motors now there is a mouse-hole to route the wires though. I didn’t like the added complexity of the extenders.

Admittedly, I actually like @Matt_Nelson’s design more than my own, but I don’t want to make money off of his work.


Dumb question aboout what is proably a fusion360 misunderstanding on my part… how do I download that as an STL so it’s printable. It keeps coming with the fan and the boards in it. I’ve tried hiding them. I’m clearly missing something. It looks like that one would actually print on my smaller print bed… the others have been too long.


Would you consider making your enclosure longer to fit the TLE shields. I’m working on one but thought I’d mention the TLE design is longer. ~110mm (4.31 inches)

I’m trying to come up with a design based on reversing Richard Dysons design to let air in and keep dust out.

Thank you


just add a dust filter in front of the pc fan, they come in just about every size


thanks for sharing that 3d printed case. you should add some rubber bands or something around those heatsinks they tend to fall off and when they do it fries the board from what I have read.


In Fusion 360, you can right click on the part in the part list and select export as STL. Fusion will only export that part geometry to the STL file for printing. Fusion is a free program for hobbyists and start-ups, so it should be fairly easy to do. I know there is also a browser version, but it doesn’t have the full functionality of the desktop version, so I’m not sure if the export to STL option is available.

I have not yet updated the enclosure for the TLE shields. @blurfl sent me the SMD version, so I will need to make an updated version for the new board. I have some rudimentary plans in the works but haven’t gotten to modeling it. Still focusing on getting the new Z-axis setup done first before I get back into making a proper electronics cabinet for my machine.

Curious to see your dust exclusion design. I plan on putting the new version inside a cabinet which will have air filters, so I won’t be worrying about filtration at the PLC.


Ahh I didn’t know that fusion360 trick. I ended up using somebody elses smaller form factor model because it would fit on my printer. Which is a very small 150mm x 125mm bed. I suspect it will have trouble if those heat sinks get really hot, because I printed it in PLA. But I’ll solve that when I get to it. I’m considering a larger ducted filtered enclosure for the maslow boards and the raspberry pi I’m using to drive it. But I’ll probably build it out of a plastic container from the store.


They’ve hidden quite a few useful features in right click menus. I’ve spent a fair amount of time googling how to do what I want to figure them out.

I’ve never had any issues with overheating my motor board, but then again, I do have an 80mm fan pointed at the heat sinks. I would be fairly confident that a PLA version of my enclosure would work.


@Matt_Nelson, @MeticulousMaynard,
Either of you still making the enclosures shown above?


I’m not presently making them, I’ve been working on an improved version that fits the new TLE boards. When I have it done, I will post an update then.


Awesome. I just bought the new TLE shield.