Enclose Electronics

Just bought a used set up and it looks like everything is there. I am thinking the electronics should be encased to protect them. I have found a model on thingiverse and have a 3d printer. Two questions: I imagine if I am going to put it in a case I will need a fan. I see the AUX ports on the motor control board have 5 volts and am wondering if I can connect a small 5v case fan there? Also I see there are 12V power supply ports on both the Arduino and motor control boards. Which on do I use? Thanks.

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The arduino power is 5V, the board power is 12V. you can run a fan off of the top board power supply. I’m unsure if there is a 12V breakout pin set on your board though.

Or you can purchase a 12vdc power supply for under $10 and just plug it into a power strip. I found one that has a small terminal block where you insert your stripped wires and clamp them down with a screw lug.

I haven’t really done any production cuts yet for logistical reasons but I’m planning to leave mine uncovered for the time being simply because , 1-they are above the beam and out of harms way and 2-the LED lights are visible and I can see when it is powered up and connected. When I do make a case, I plan to have a plexiglass window so I can see the LED’s which you may want to consider.

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