Arduino - Motor Shield Case

Wanted a case for the electronics so I made my own and printed it on my 3D Printer. Holes may need to be drilled out, depending on what screws you choose to use. I have a 40mm x 40mm x 10mm 12V fan on top and it passes enough air over the heat sinks to keep them from getting hot. May need a little tweaking after printing.

Lower Shell.STL (101.0 KB)
Upper Shell.STL (236.5 KB)



Another excuse to get the 3D printer I don’t have :slight_smile:
I like it.

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Get a Prusa MK3, pricy but worth it. On the low end, a Monoprice Select Mini - but if you get hooked you’ll buy the Prusa anyway. I would, but don’t use my heavily modified Kickstarter Printrbot Plus enough these days to justify a 3rd 3D printer.

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cool. I’ve been looking at the Prusa and it seems to be at the top of my list and always coming backup.

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