Arduino problem Float slope

Download Virtualbox 4.3.4 for mac os. This is the last version that will run on snow leopard.
You will also need ubuntu 14.04
You will need to create a virtual machine inside virtualbox that contains the ubuntu image.
You should be able to install the latest arduino ide inside this virtual machine and compile ground control properly. Although it would be easier if you had a more recent computer to do this on.

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Hi because I’m a new it’s was not possible to give you more answer for 23 hours…max quote!!!
So sorry for my silence…
I hope that I can this time to write a little bit more things !!!
After that’s I were at work but this morning I can come back to you.
Tks you so much for your reply
there is a new things, I am under arduino 1,6,1 now and the new message is with the last firmwre 1,26:

In file included from Axis.cpp:19:0:
Maslow.h:27:19: fatal error: Servo.h: No such file or directory
#include <Servo.h>
compilation terminated.
Erreur lors de la compilation.

Tks for your reply,
a little bit afraid by the complexity of this proposition…
I’m going to test it if all the others ways are impossible …

Is there a tutorial for this ?

Again that’s a library that should come with the arduino IDE.
Check in the 1.6.1 IDE if there is an option to update libraries/modules/boards.

The virtualbox solution suggested by Jatt is a workaround.

read other forum posts, that will upgrade you so that you can post more.

the current version of the arduino IDE is 1.8.9, if you are on 1.6.1 you should

the current version of the maslow software is 1.26 and you should run that or
something very close to it.

I agree, it doesn’t sound like you have everything installed properly. Make sure
you select the board type (mega 2560)

David Lang

Hi Dland,
with my OS I can’t Have the last version, only the 1,6,1
I trying with the 1,26 maslow version and for the card selection it’s OK to

Oh no, the port is loose, before, I was on USB modem and now there is only this…

even when I unplug and plug again the card, nothing change ???

I’m going to search in this way…

The reason sloog can’t upgrade to the newest ide is because 1.6.1 is the last version that supports java 6, and a snow leopard mac cannot run anything more recent than java 6. So if they want to use the latest IDE, they will need to use emulation. Or get a raspberry pi and use that to flash it <- This would probably be the easiest way to do this if they can’t get their hands on a more recent windows or mac computer.