Calibration problem

Hi today i assembed a maslow cnc with a frame that was ready by another user.When i was trying to calibrate the machine and moving the sprockets to have on teeth 90 degress up , the left sprocket was moving 1 degrees at the time (as it should)and the right more then 100.Is a motor problem?When i did the check at the motors there where indication fail for right motor
And the second question is can ia use draftsite drawings or generaly dwg or dxf files?How can i import files like that and generate the Gcode to start cutting?I am asking that because i am pressed and i dont have time to experimenting.

Hi Nikos!

I would recommend moving the motor which is giving you the failure warning to the other side to test if the issue is with the motor or the wire. My guess is that it is a loose connection and that the firmware is not able to read the encoder position.

I recommend using inkscape to convert a .dxf file to a .svg file and to take that file and generate g-code.


F-engrave can take a .dfx file import and create a gcode file to cut directly. Makercam is easier to use but you have to convert the file to .svg like @bar said. The F-engrave file output is a .ngc file, rename the file to .nc for Maslow Ground Control to cut.


Thanks for your answers. I also have this error message at arduino

avrdude: stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout
avrdude: stk500v2_getsync(): timeout communicating with programmer

Those messages show that the Arduino software cannot talk to the Arduino board to program it. Check that the USB cable is connected correctly, and make sure that the Port chosen under the Tools menu is correct.


also check that GC is closed


The problem found! Was the loose green cable at the right motor.Now works properly.Thank you allfor your answers.