Arduino tach for router

looks simple enough :slight_smile:


My only question is how much will it cost? You can get a photo tach on amazon for very cheap.

Thank you

Edit 1: i just looked at the BOM - looks like ~$30 in parts.

Let me say I do think the maker side of that project is cool.

Thank you

You could probably strip that down to a Nano, led/phototransistor, and a cheap lcd display if you want to go diy. Easier to get a phototach, think mine was about 10 US bucks from the big rock candy mountain (eBay/AliExpress/etc for non AvErs)


One day could be an add-on for gc to know what the machine is doing

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Yep… run 3 wires for the photodiode and emitter to the Maslow Arduino, add some code, and…
I’ll have to figure out how to get that bracket in my router.

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I made one! TINY display, but quick fun project. Some of the “include” stuff got me to scratch my head, but that is not my strong suit.