CNC Router Homebuilt

I am really enjoying my Maslow. I have learn a little bit about CAD. A little bit about CAM.

Just curious if anyone has every built CNC router with stepper motors, GRBL.

I want to built a rotary CNC. I have looked at some GRBL shields and found a little bit about which ones can handle larger stepper motors. But after that I am at a loss.

more details, what are you trying to do (“rotary CNC” isn’t detailed enough :slight_smile: )

and what are you having trouble with?

David Lang

I am wanting to build something similar to the following designs:IMG_0383IMG_0384

The above designs all fit the projects or task I want to do.
The Blue unit is my favorite design because you can use rack and pinion to drive the machine. The second picture was never given much thought because it used chains, but after using my MaslowCNC. I have a new appreciation for chains.

I have looked at Mach3.

I like the open source idea of CNC.
I looked at GRBL controller

I almost think I need arduino to go with this, but I don’t know, and if I went with the above controller, would it work with Mach3 or do I have to use open source programs only?

Then how do I tell the control software what style of movement am I using (chain drive w/ sprocket or rack and pinion) all the details etc.

I have already started to design my gantry to be cut with my MaslowCNC.

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Just based on a few things I found with a quick Google search, it looks like the M1 Pro is an Arduino-compatible itself, so I don’t think you will need a separate Arduino board.

I’m guessing you will get a better response at since the OP there has actually used the board. Here in the Maslow community, we will just give you blank stares (albeit very supportive blank stares, because this is that kind of community).


The Maslow community has been great, because of this forum I have learned a lot about cad and cam. Maslow will always have a place. Just wondering if anyone else has tinkered with other types or builds

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