RPM Display for any Router - Mounting option for Bosch POF1200

I found this great set of instructions to build a RPM display for any spinning machine that uses an Arduino Nano and some leds as the sensor. It was really easy to follow and become my first Arduino project.

I just needed a nice way to mount it to the Maslow. I designed a mount for the display and the nano that mounts to the side of Neds z axis mount that works so well. Then i also designed a mounting system for the sensor leds that can be adjusted to line up with the reflector on the spindle nut. Its all very easy!

I have uploaded the design to thingiverse, see here, the link to the instructions is also on that page.

A video of it running can be found here:



Great! Think I need to copy this :grimacing:
Thanks for sharing.


Could be interesting to see the rpm when cutting. Wonder if an adjustment of movement could be used in the future depending on spindle speed… Or to detect router bit dullness, by selecting material type and seeing how the rpm are effected, overtime…

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I dig it! looks cool!