Arrrgggggggggggggg (build blockage)

So my Maslow arrives, I get all the stuff for both an initial wood frame to test out the stock build as well as a unistrut frame and then I find rot in the house walls and am suddenly in Reno mode and my poor Maslow sits waiting for me to build it…


Gah, that sucks. I hope the reno goes smoothly.

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Darn!! I’m sorry to hear that…hope all goes smoothly!

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Oh major bummer. That looks like a lot of work. Good luck!

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Thanks guys. Working on my Maslow will be my zen recovery of dealing with this. It’s pouring rain for the foreseeable future now. Lol.

But I did get a lot of progress over the long weekend at least. I have to rip off the stucco from the second floor to fix the same issue in the windows above and properly weather seal the windows I just put in.


Life can definitely get in the way in terms of what must be done. Be thankful that you are capable of fixing that mess yourself.

Hang in there! look forward to seeing a photo of your completed Maslow real soon.

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Thanks! I look forward to seeing it too… and even better yet, using it. I do a lot of different projects, but for some reason this has captured my enthusiasm more than most.

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Isn’t home owning fun? Judging from the scabbed in 2x4 it’s not the first time somebody’s been in that wall. Water leaks are pretty insidious but that looks like you should take the time to track it down and fix instead of just a patch job.

I own a frame and hewn log house so no first-hand experience with brick veneer, but have read that dealing with proper air space and weep holes is needed to fix your kind of problem.

Good Luck!

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Those are actually not scabbed 2x4’s they are cut out from what was 3 smaller windows and was going to be opened up for a single larger window to allow in more light. The leaks were from the old windows, which is why they are being replaced. My father was a builder, so I’ve been doing this kind of work on and off since I was a kid thankfully. This is the worst window in the house which has no overhang over the windows at all, which is why I started here, but it was worse than I had hoped. Rotted right down to the plates on the foundation. Anyways, all the rot there is gone. Now I need to rip off the stucco on the bay on the second floor and replace those windows and then I can pick some new siding… No more stucco here… (one section of the house at a time. lol…)