Maslow 4 #957 Buildlog

Hi fellow Maslow users,

The long waiting has almost come to an end. I have been following the ‘What insider backer number are we on shipping?’ thread and my Maslow is almost ready for shipment! :smiley:

Let me introduce myself. My name is Raymon from the Netherlands and I am new to the Maslow community (also this is the first Kickstarter project I have backed).
For a while I have been active in the audio and loudspeaker business. I have worked 7 years for a small company that produced PA-speakers. Started as an intern and eventually did the repairs, 3d modelling including making the drawings for manufacturing all the parts, assembly, testing and much more.
But now I want to start my own brand but aimed at the studio and Hi-Fi market.
So the primary use of mine will be to fabricate the speaker cabinets. And of coarse there will also be some side/small projects where the Maslow will be handy.

As the delivery is coming closer and closer it is time to start designing and building the frame. I expanded the office I already rented from 50m² to 150m² to make a separate room for the dust related activities.
After reading some threads and questions about building the frame it came clear that it is unnecessary to make it out of steel or aluminium and just go for wood.
My plan is to mount the frame to two sliding door rails (I already had laying around) on the wall and two fixed wheels on the floor. The idea is that I am able to use the Maslow in the almost vertical position due to the limited floor space but also if needed in the horizontal position. I think, and I may be wrong, that the accuracy is more precise in the horizontal position across the whole frame due to more even en less extreme belt tension.
So after some modeling to get it all visualized I ordered the required wood.

After I received the wood I started to realize I may have made the frame unnecessary strong. Better too strong than too weak I think.
With the perimeter build it also became clear of how big the frame will be.

And with the middle beams mounted it started to look like a Maslow frame.

The idea was to mount 18mm MDF boards on top of this frame as a base plate but I don’t think it is necessary. I am open for recommendation :stuck_out_tongue:

This is where I am now and next up is the mounting to the rails system. And of course I will keep you updated.


That is a gorgeous build. It puts mine to shame :stuck_out_tongue:

I played around a bit with some tension cross bracing cables like that and I do think it helps with stiffness.

Again what a spectacular build!