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Automatic tool height


It seems it would be easy to incorporate an auto Z height function. Have a fixed height aluminum or brass plate connected to one input on the Arduino that could be held over the router hole and have the Z come down until it touches and subtract the plate height.

Touch-Z approach: to Puck or not to Puck?

Fairly new here and waiting for the February shipment…

But what are we trying to solve?

Increase accuracy? Help with calibration?

Sorry for the questions, but I’m trying to understand :slightly_smiling_face:


Setting Z=0 is the task here. Other CNC platforms have a ‘probe function’, a simple electrical circuit that is closed by touching a conductive material. XYZ CNC auto probing gcode calibration plate GRBL UGS

Your manual option is to slowly bring the spinning bit down until you start cutting a minimal fraction of your workpiece.


I have great news! This feature is already supported :grin:

I think it uses Aux port #1 but I could be wrong about that



Would this help me utilize boards that is not full size? :thinking:


Thanks Bar, I will give it try this week.


I thought Aux 1 was for spindle on/off? My wiring diagram say that the Z-probe is on Aux 4.

I haven’t implemented this feature yet myself, maybe @blurfl can add more to this? I believe he has used this feature before.

Maslow Electronics Wiring Diagram for Aux Outputs

I know I saw a post with pictures of this. Can anyone point to that post please?

Thank you


I know, I thought I had seen it myself, but I did forum searches for “Z probe” “Zero Z-Axis” and “G38.2” and only got a handful of posts. I am interested in doing this myself when I do my electronics upgrade, so I would also greatly appreciate more info.

Maybe someone who has used this could do a quick write-up in the wiki?


If someone finds the post I was going to piont to it from the Wiki.

Thank you


This link?


Cannot like this enough, that is exactly what I was looking for! The weird thing is that the forum search for G38.2 should have grabbed that. It’s in blurfl’s post like seven times!

Thanks so much!

EDIT: Weird side note, I went to go look on the old forums too to find that they aren’t active anymore :open_mouth: I know it doesn’t make sense to continue to pay for a forum we don’t use, but I hope we got all the important information off there before the subscription expired.

Proper tool change procedure

Good find - Tkx

New page in the Wiki-

I need to find the spindle on/off to add to this.

I’m doing as usual 4 things at once. 5 when you add this. making a website, working on Maslow docs/ computer stuff, reaching out to a parts MFG. Sheesh :wink:

Thank you


I believe this thread is the one you’re looking for:

I know the feeling, I’m getting remakes sent down to the mill as I’m writing these! XD


I’m looking at setting up discourse on another site and backing up these forums -FYI

let the fun begin.

Thank you


Yep - that was it - added to the Wiki - Enjoy

Thank you



The secret trick is google :wink:

searching like this got the right post

site: probe


I understand - however too many open windows right now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Splaxi . I appreciate your help.

Thank you


No probs. Trying to help where I can. No wiz with tools and stuff, but IT - that’s my ballpark :grin:


For those using the Ridgid router with the stock z-axis, you might be interested to know that the collet is electrically connected to the z-axis motor housing, thus providing a super simple connection point for an automatic z-axis zeroing setup. No clipping to the bit necessary! (unless, of course, your bit is somehow not electrically conductive)