Z axis issues and router

I am currently having issues with my m2 cnc machine. Whenever I apply my g code to the software (makerverse) and then press play my router lifts up away from the wood and doesn’t try to cut anybody know how to fix this? If anybody can help it will mean a lot

It’s fairly common for gcode to command the router to lift to a safe height before moving to where the cut begins. Could it be that the router is just lifting up so as to be sure not to cut your wood accidentally while repositioning?

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Or perhaps Z wasn’t properly zeroed?

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What is the proper way to set it?

I’m not sure to be honest. I have no idea what the issue could be and I’m trying to find away to fix that but idk what to do. If anybody knows how to do this please let me know

There should be a button in the same menu that you use to manually raise and lower the z-axis to define the zero position. Looking at the digital position readout the z-axis should read zero when the tip of the bit is just barely touching the top surface of the wood.