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Baby Cradle / Rocker

TLDR story:

I made this back in April/May 2020 when “Oops” was coming along. Unfortunately, that ended in a miscarriage after about 8 weeks. Bummer. Anyway, now “On Purpose” is coming along, in August or so, I dusted this off. I need to go get some more wood, so I haven’t cut it yet.

I can’t remember the specific angles for miter joints, but I think it was 15deg for the bottom and 45 for the sides?? I’ll have to experiment. I didn’t bother rounding off the edges in the model (like you would with a router). Will post pics once I get off my ass and get this together. Made in FreeCAD.

Thanks for looking!!

Rocker (194.7 KB)


Thanks for posting and sharing.
Congratulations by the way!