Flatfab, padded to 15

Stumbled across this, let’s you design 3D objects from flat surfaces like plywood. Don’t remember seeing it mentioned before, but might have forgotten on the 5000 mi (8000 km) road trip.

New winter Maslow shop is between accepted offer and closing. Mrs Moose went for a pool and attached 2 car garage rather than a big shop, but there’s space to build something. Alas that part of SW FL is permit crazy, so with the get settled stuff and the government contributions and delay it might take a while. Hope to check out the SWFL Woodturners as soon as our schedules coincide.

Squeakie is now playing with her toes, the wimmenfolk think that’s a big deal. Might still be a while before she learns to solder


Very cool! Here’s a quick overview video:


Looks like it’s free too! :slight_smile: Video makes it look easy - curious how intuitive it will be. I’ll give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

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I feel the same about my kids, i love them, but a more interesting trick then not peeing in their pants for almost a whole day would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Ow, they also intentionally break stuff so i have something to fix, “daddy fix” kinda cute and annoying :smile:

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Did anybody ever use FlatFab? Did it fall flat? I restumbled across this old topic and did a little digging. FlatFab the program can still be downloaded and the source is on GitHub, FlatFab the company is listed as an out of business startup. There’s some old reddit posts but didn’t find anything recent