Bad code outputs from Easel

Hey all, recently got my Maslow M2 router set up. Doing some test cuts using generated code from Easel software, and getting a lot o weird results. Firstly, error code one was consistently stopping the machine, and required me to change the settings in Makerverse to ignore errors. Upon trying again, the router cuts very precisely, but seems to follow a very inefficient path; when cutting letters it starts in the corners, or bottom and top, cuts a small deep divot, then continues along the path. On every letter, the router will leave a small area of the pass unfinished. Lastly, the router will sometimes make random straight cuts through parts of the shapes, or through the borders. Image added of these errors. Anything helps, thanks!

Blake, Welcome to the community.

Try a different gcode generator to see if you have the same issues. Carbide Create (CC) works well for me (but I have a different set up). I don’t think makerverse supports pauses and resumes so you would have to delete those from the gcode if you use CC.

Was the sled snagging on anything? Did you lose comm at any point?

The excessive back and forth is caused by the gcode generator, most of which don’t have path optimization.

Sometimes, for what ever reason, the cut just goes wonky.

I’m using a different board/shield and Webcontrol. I have played a bit with makerverse but really don’t know much about it or of it’s problems.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.


Hi Tim,
Whats odd to me is that I bought this router from someone who had it working perfectly using the same CAM (Easel) I have been having some connectivity issues, so I may try running a new cable, and if that doesn’t work, flashing and reinstalling the firmware on the arduino. I haven’t seen the sled catching on anything, it just seems like the code will just tell the router to move on the wrong path (or on the right path without pulling the router bit out of the material first!)