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Easel Gcode "error:1 (Expected command letter)"

Hey there everyone.

Years after having first purchased my Maslow CNC (and recently having upgraded by sled and arduino to the Maslow2), I have finally come around to making my first cuts. While I am very excited to have things up and running, I am experiencing some minor issues with Easel’s export of my gcode.
My workflow currently is that I draft up my designs in Adobe Illustrator, export them as SVGs and upload them to Easel in order to export the Gcode, which I then upload to my CNCjs software to begin cutting. However, I have noticed that frequently during the course of my cuts, I receive the notice:
error:1 (Expected command letter)
which causes my project to pause, and requires me to press “resume” before continuing with my project. I find it rather annoying to continually press “play”/“resume” in order for my CNC to continue with my projects.

Has anyone else experienced this (moderately minor) inconvenience when exporting gcode with Easel? And how have you resolved it?


  • Jevins

Not helpful, but no. I have never experienced the error from GCode, although I am not using CNCjs, but WebControl.


Can you post the gcode, say 10 or 15 lines on either side of the error? Copy and paste as text is fine, no reason to attach a file.