Excessive relocating while cutting

Hey all, brand new to the cnc world. I am using inscape to convert to .svg and Easel to convert to gcode. Now, I havent sey my machine up yet but was practicing getting the gcode. when I watch the simulation in Easel, the cuts are all over the place. it will start say at the bottom and cut a 2" section then jump all the way to the top and cut another small section just to go back down and cut another small area. Please help.

Unfortunately it is pretty much how Easel may end up generating the GCode. Lots of other software has similar problems.

Most software to generate GCode has a variety of settings that you can use to try and tweak how it generates the GCode. So this is your starting point - find the GCode output settings in Easel.

I don’t use Easel myself, but plenty of people in this forum do, so hopefully they’ll offer some advice soon.

I have used this site before. It does a decent job consolidating the entry points but doesn’t take into account where it will exit so I still bounces around a bit. It’s still better than nothing.


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