Balance Bike / Run Bike / Push Bike

Hey Maslow Friends!
I really would like to build a balance bike but at the Moment I don’t have the time to design one on my own.
I saw once a very nice Design from @frostyspeed
Are the plans somewhere out there or had anyone done sth. similar?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Hey, is something like this what you are after?

What age?

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@kompass Contact me at for the file


Love this design so much !
Really appreciate that


Hi, is it possible to sharebthe files with me aswell?

I am still waiting for the answer of frosty.
Hope he didn’t change his mind :grimacing:

Same here, would like to build on his design. Please keep me posted

I want to do it for the small family members, because it looks supercool this thing :sunglasses:t

Of course i wouldn’t share it with someone else or sell the balance bike itself without permission!