Design library

Hi to to everyone, I would like to share our free design library, I hope that somebody will try to put his Maslow to the test, if you have any questions about our design I’m more than happy to help you!


Wow, thanks for sharing! There are some really nice designs that get the gears in your head turning.

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Hi @Jayster I’m glad to hear that since I have developed a big part of them! Do you have a favorite one? If you have any questions I can provide all the support that you’ll need!

At first I couldn’t see the big picture I guess I was looking at it wrong but now I see it. I was thinking that you meant that we can use this for our frame but you meant actually the finished products that we create with the Maslow

It kind of reminds me of my thingy of my bobber that I used to make straight holes or 45 degree holes or get angles and joints together kreg pocket holes jig

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