Bartop Arcade Pi

Has anyone built a Pi Bartop Arcade



i found one on here he shared is sgv files gi to community garden and scoll down a bit

For innumerable years I was one of them – until the day I concluded I would likewise attempt to plan and manufacture my own Arcade Bartop! This post is the initial segment of a broad instructional exercise containing all the necessary guidelines on the most proficient method to do that – together with a great deal of pictures, designs and photographs clarifying and recording the errand. You may visit this link:

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The cabinets on the website look great - are you saying you plan to share some DIY plans on the Maslow to build such cabinets? I hope so - would be great to try and build some of these models or some version of them (cocktail, bartop, standup, etc.) with an established gcode. Keep us posted.