Pinball Machine

This (and other arcade machines) is the main reason I bought my Maslow. If I can get my Z-axis figured out and after some smaller test projects, I plan to start on a pinball machine. Probably 2, a virtual machine and a legit mechanical one using MPF and OOP controls.

This is a FreeCAD representation of a (more or less) standard Williams Widebody Cab. The picture below is for a virtual cab, though the mechanical one is pretty similar, just less buttons. If you’re bored, and want to fall into a rabbit hole reading about pinball machine construction see:

I took his plans and made this:

V0 is the built up cab shown in the picture with all the stuff for a virtual machine. V1 is more geared towards mechanical and cutting on a Maslow type CNC.

No guarantees that the gcode isn’t all screwed up or some of the holes aren’t in the wrong place as I haven’t actually made anything yet. Probably shouldn’t use it until I test it. Any comments or suggestions on the design, gcode, constructibility, etc. would be more than welcome.

Thanks for looking.

PinballMachineV0and1.7z (1.6 MB)


Cool project, I will be tagging along. I converted a Simpson’s stand up cabinet to a M.A.M.E. machine many years ago (using keyboard emulators for button control and a CRT monitor, LOL). When I first got the Maslow, building an updated cabinet was one of my first thoughts…then I thought about Virtual Pins from back in the day and dreamed of a virtual pinball machine too. Please post updates as you move forward, I will certainly be following along.


Thank you! I’ll be sure to get some updates going. You can laugh at my woodworking ineptitude. haha.

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Ha! My woodworking ineptitude is exactly why I have a Maslow. :smiley: As long as you are good with a sander and a paintbrush, the rest can be hidden. LOL

Enjoy the process, I will probably not be too far behind you.


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It is great to see this thread as I also purchased the Maslow for the purpose of building arcade cabinets and would love to try a Virtual Pinball machine. It would be great to have a database of gcodes for cabinets and arcade equipment for owners to try. I have yet to get my first project completed, but hopefully with some success it would be great to try other cabinets and a pinball machine would be great. Other projects such as jukeboxes, etc. would be fun to try as well. Good luck and keep everyone updated!

Spent some time working on this this weekend. Still lacking a few pieces, but getting there.

Messed up a couple times. :slight_smile:


Finished all the part cutting. I need to buy a couple more tools to finish (like a router table and a table saw), so it might be a couple weeks until I can make some assembly progress. :slight_smile:


Beautiful work!

I can’t wait to see how it all comes together


Looks great. Which of the files are your using?


I used the last version posted above. Though, I’d recommend making your own g code. I think there are a couple errors. Like missing tabs and a little slow. Stuff like that. I’ll get the tools I need to finish pretty soon. :slight_smile:

Great project! This is the same reason I bought my Maslow which just came in the mail today. I’ve built 5 machines now and my hobby is becoming more of a business so I thought the CNC might help me scale up production. Looking forward to see how yours turns out and if you have any suggestions please post them. If I can help with the build at all (solenoid wiring/setup, or anything else) just shoot me a message.


Nice. I’ll have to post pics. I still haven’t been able to get the last couple tools that I need to complete the wood parts. Hopefully in the next week or two. I’m ready to get the thing looking like a pinball machine and out of my way in the garage.

Those are some pretty nice sticker sets. Did you make those or order them from somewhere?

I ordered the designs through Stuzza, though he has many free samples for personal use available. Here is all of his work
I had a printer I found on the vpin forums print mine as well, good quality at a very reasonable price. If you are interested I’ll share his info when you are ready.


For my virtual machine, but kinda related. I’ll get back to the mechanical one sooner or later!


This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! But I’ve never worked with FreeCAD files. How do I import these into Ground control to cut?

You would need to open the files in freecad, go to the path workbench and create the gcode for ground- or WebConrtrol. Most CNC software can not load CAD so a CAD->CAM software is required. to generate the gcode.

Anyone have the Gcode already done and ready to open with Webcontrol?

He can just export them as dxf files. Then you can use any CAM software or dxf2gcode to generate the gcode.

Would you be able to export the files as DXF files?

It should be noted that the actual assembled machine pictured above is a kit that I bought about the same time that I got my Maslow. The pieces that I cut for the mechanical machine are still in a pile in my garage. I need a couple tools for them I haven’t acquired yet. I do, however, have all the hardware to assemble it once I put the final finishing touches on the wood pieces. I hope to get it done in the next month or so.

That said, I assume that the drawing files are “good enough”. I’m reluctant to publish a final gcode for the files. But, see attached, these are still a WIP. If you need a DXF, FreeCAD is free and relatively easy to use.

Good luck! Post pics if you make one. And let me know if you have feedback on what could be tweeked to make it better.

Pinball Machine V1 (26.6 KB)