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This is a beautiful contribution to the community. The complete instructions are wonderful!

:+1::+1: Great work!



on a side note the show full post buttons aren’t working.

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Thanks for pointing that out, I’d never noticed that button before. I will look into it :+1:


Been lurking/watching this project for a while, hope for it to be one of the first ones I try when I get my Maslow. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for posting it!


Nice design, Very nearly completed my first build. I added pockets and glued everything together, and cut out of 5/8th mdf. Also managed to squeeze the whole cut into a 4 x 4 sheet, so got the material cost down to like 18 bucks CAD. Had a little mistake with the controls so had to cut that part again out of scrap ply. Thought you might enjoy some pics of your design!

Spray painted with blue and red Rustoleum, couple hours wiring and T-Moulding to finish and it should be complete!



Looking good. Great to see in being reproduced and improved on. Pockets do seem like the better method than my L-brackets. Incidentally, my nephew has just obliterated my Galaga high score :cry: He’s not allowed near it any more.


You should look into Kreg tools and the jigs they offer. They are strongest ways to join wood panels when you want to hide the screws, they also offer plugs to hide the holes from view on the inside as well. These are pretty much the industry standard when it comes to furniture makers.

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Can I possibly get your file where you have it all slotted and designed to fit together??

Hello everyone!

It looks awesome! Is there any guide to see where I should put the parts together? It seems that you are leaving some spaces here and there, and since it is a build with curves and angles, everything should be where it is meant to (I think :sweat_smile:)

Is it for 19"-20" monitors?

What’s the thickness of the wood?


Sorry busy time new job. I’ll find the file and send it hopefully tomorrow

Hi, my version, the one in the community garden, was for a 20" monitor and I used 18mm thick ply but I think you could easily use a different thickness. I would recommend trying to make it weigh less if you plan to move it around much.

I mostly just put the parts together until it looked correct and there weren’t any spaces between panels. Sorry that’s not very helpful. If i did it a second time i would include pockets as others are suggesting or at least a reference line of some sort.

Here is a zip with my last files i used to do the cuts and slots. I had a little issues with mine i think from a poorly calibrated maslow, but its much better now. Hope this helps!

Bartop (457.4 KB)


How thick should the wood be? 18mm (3/4 inch)?

Thanks for the files!

As I recall it was 5/8 inch MDF i used and made the files for.