Basic questions about the M2 and Makerverse

After reading the new topics about the m2 and makerverse and after posting and receiving some answers from Gero, Metalmaslow and mcpublic with i thank them a lot, i want to summarize my questions.

  1. Does the new DUE board “play” with the previews firmwares used in WC (especially the holey firm.)?

  2. Is Makerverse current version stable for users to make the switch from WC. i am using maslow professionally so it is very important for me to know. if not when is the ETA for a stable 1rst version of the app.

  3. Is it ok to use the M2 kit (without the DUE board) to my current set up (WC) and what settings require to be changed in order to work seamlessly is it is now.

That’s all.

Thank you.

Link to the post mentioned above: M2 kit and Webcontrol

  1. No, The DUE Arduino and the DUE motor-shield will not work with GC or WC.
  2. For Makerverse to work with the DUE Arduino and the DUE motor-shield, we don’t have enough feedback in the Forum to answer that. Maybe the users on Fakebook know more. I don’t know, hardly go there. For the ‘old’ hardware, Arduino Mega and matching motor-shield, Makerverse is under development and about to be tested.
  3. (answered in your previous post) Use the z-axis upgrade to get advantage of higher z-precision and z-speed. Adjust the z-pitch.

I don’t get the concept of asking the same questions in 2 different posts. Are you expecting different answers? It just makes it more difficult for people that want to help and for you to follow the answers :wink:
(not mean it in a bad way, just as a tip :slight_smile: )

Invest in a second RPI (4 recomended) and an SD-card and test Makerverse with the Due. You can always plug back to the old system.

I"m working on using this. my response to your questions as of right now:

  1. No. Due is for Makerverse only and has its own firmware, so anything classic “mega” related does not support it. The new beta version is adding holey type calibration support for the Due, but it is still in testing. see comment #2.
  2. No. If using the classic maslow on the beta version of makerverse, it does recognize it and is being worked on, but I would wait until it is stable and proven with more testing before making the move with a business critical system. Makerverse is the only option for the M2 and it works. The newer Makerverse beta version in test is working towards verifying support for both the M2 and the classic.
  3. The M2 upgrade (painted sled with metal z axis) without the electronics is perfectly fine with the mega software and webcontrol/groundcontrol. Just adjust your z pitch so the z axis moves properly. If the ring is the same, then you should be good for a drop in replacement.

or now that I can read @gero’s comment, I agree with his words.

FYI. I have both webcontrol and makerverse concurrent on 2 different raspberry pis. They don’t run at the same time, but they run independently if desired.

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My problem with forums is that you need a lot of search to find answers and not all answers are present in a single topic. so asking for specific things in a single post in my opinion helps a lot more to find answers faster. in spite that i was hopping for answers by the people that made the new kit. more “official” :wink:

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Mentioning them can help, can think of @MakerMadeCNC that could have some answers…

Notice that this Forum is not an “official” forum of any of the new kit suppliers. Just a bunch of ‘Chipmonks’.


Thank you Orob.
That’s why asking again helps.
now we have 3 basic answers in a single topic.

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The most “official” place to ask is the one that you all have created, because with your remarks, questions and problem solving i can have a machine to work!!! and that makes all of you the most official lips for me!!