M2 kit and Webcontrol

Hello all.
i just received my m2 kit and i want to know this.

i am using WC with holey calibration all updated to their latest versions.
Is the m2 kit “plug and play” in WC or i have to make new settings? ( i don’t mean calibrating)
install the new board, upload holey firm wear, connect all motors, calibrate, and that’s it ?
Please advice !

If the M2 cam with an Arduino DUE board, you can’t load the holy firmware or other Arduino MEGA firmware. It. The motor-shields are also not compatible. WC will not run with the M2-kit.
Makerverse is the software to run with that. https://github.com/makermadecnc/makerverse/releases

i got this

so you are saying that i can only use it with makerverse?

“GRBL DUE board with protective case” is in the Kit. GroundControl and Webcontrol will not run on a Due.


i see!
but it had to be something that they should mentioned to users.
the makerverse is stable for use or it is still under development?
i am using my maslow professionally it it is very important for me to know that everything is ok before i make the change.
And a last question. if i skip the new board installation the new z axis will work with the “old” board?

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The current per-release is under development and will allow older kits with the Mega to test it. Can’t tell how stable the public release is.
You still have the option to keep using your Arduino Mega and the Mega motor shield, and keep the Due and the Due motor-shield as a backup, till there is more feedback. You still benefit from the faster z-axis.

so the new z-axis is “plug and play” with my current setup?

The pitch of the z-axis needs to be changed, depending on what z-setup you have now.

i have the “original” z axis setup on the ridgid .
what the new pitch value would be ?

From the picture it looks like 8mm lead-screw, but there is a tooth-gear transmission as well. Perhaps the setup instructions will give the correct info. Also you might have to add a - (minus) or remove a minus if it turns the wrong way. https://makermade.com/m2-resources/

Edit: M2 upgrade: What's the Z-axis Pitch? Better to test twice then 1 time sorry.

just gone through the m2 assembly guide but the z axis pitch is nowhere to be found!
any one with a pitch number?

See my edit :wink:

oops missed that!
thank you!!

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Minus 16 mm, according to two sources, including maker made support. I’ve also tried it, and it seems about right.

BTW, I’ve only tried this with Ground Control!
Minus because the motor is upside down.

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stick with webcontrol for now IMHO. for business better to have working solution than be trying something new