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'Dumb' Arduino Board

I want to run Makerverse on a computer that isn’t link to my M2 CNC. At first I wanted to do this with a CNC emulator but I was told it would be 100x easier to just buy a cheap dummie Arduino board to get the same result.

Question - is there a dumb Arduino board I could use to do this?

Why - My M2 is set up in the shed and I would like to tinker with Makerverse before heading out to the shed. I created a script that plays a ringing sound when the blue Tool Change notification shows up on screen using AHK. This is very useful when trying to finish projects as fast as possible as the ring gets my attention instead of me looking at the M2 for 2 min wondering if it’s done lol, but I had to go to the shed, run tool change gcode, take screen shots of the notification, bring it back to my office, write the code and keep going between the shed and my office to test it out.

if you have a spare Arduino Due (M2 controller brain - can get one off amazon for ~$20), you need a shield that has an eeprom on it to store the calibration information. Without that, the due won’t start completely… at least it wouldn’t when I tried, but you can use one of the mega shields, so anyone who bought the M2 upgraded kit might have a mega controller and shield they might part with. The shield is what you would need. You may need to change a couple settings in the firmware depending on the shield version, but it can be done. There is a voltage offset between the Mega and the Due. The Mega runs off 5V and the Due off 3.3, so some boards require a cut trace. You will need to search this forum to get the information, but it is on here.


Thank you for your quick reply.
I actually bought the M2 upgrade last year. Are you saying I could use the Arduino and shield from my old Maslow kit for this project? sorry if this is a really noob question.

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If you just want to run makerverse on a separate computer, just use the mega and the shield you have because makerverse 1.1.2 works with the old and the newer controllers. That might be the fastest / easiest solution. If you have a second due and pull the old shield, look here (I think).