Batch 2/3 - Website sales- Cargo tracking

Just cause I was bored, I figured I would track the cargo container for the next round, and share it with everyone. This is the location as of 33min ago.



This container is due to arrive the 25th. HOWEVER for all of you like me who are waiting. Please be patient with Bar and his team. Obviously they are still working on Batch 1, and also trying to trouble shoot all the issues everyone was having.

Thank you Maslow team for doing such a great job with all of this. I know its alot and stressful. But Please, keep your head up and keep doing the great work you are doing!


Thanks for the kind words and also the update on the ships location!

Do you have access to the satellite tracking? I’ve only been able to see its location once it gets in range of land based tracker stations.

We’re doing our best to get them all sent out as fast as we can :smiley:

I paid the $5. to see the most current location for 24Hrs.


Well then we all very much appreciate your generous contribution :grinning:

It hadn’t even occurred to me to look at how expensive it was, I assumed that the pricing was for logistics companies and I would have to pay for a year or something like that.


Looks like shes getting Ready to pull in

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Here she comes!

They’ve turned left and they are heading up into Canada instead of turning right and heading down to Seattle.

Do we think that I should call them up to give them directions? It’s a bit foggy today so I can see how it could happen.

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Didbthey ever make it @bar

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No! They went to Canada…I’m sure that’s scheduled and they’ll come down to Seattle next.

Looks like they are back in the USA and getting closer!

…BTW, Hope you are feeling better Bar

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I am feeling much better :grinning:

We’re going to be doing local pickups right when they are arriving so I might not catch the ship coming in, but I will try!


I got a video of the OOCL New York unloading:


Thank you for this awesome video

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