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Best forum reading technique


Unread seems to mean something other than all unread topics (unread topics I’ve posted in or viewed for more than 4 minutes, or something like that, iirc). What’s the best way to read this forum without missing posts or having to go back and look through past activity to find topics I’ve missed.

DiscoBot mentions the advanced forum tutorial, but finding it seems to be part of the training process. Where does it hide? And what forum software is this? I know it was mentioned before, but I can’t find it.


Bump. I find I’m missing posts and need to go back and look for ones that got away


I selected “read as a mailing list” and that e-mails me every post, unless there are too many posts in a day (I think the limit is currently 200), I won’t miss any.


Where did you make this selection?


This forum is based on

“Unread” means responses to topics to which you’ve tracked/watched/participated/read. (depending on your settings)

“New” is new threads not new posts, and is dependent on your settings. (muted categories, for instance)

Other than the email and digest features, i’m not sure of any way to guarantee you see every single post on every single topic.


Try this: Look for a setting that says something to the effect of “track every thread I enter” and then always use the “new” indicator to enter every new thread. That should cause an “unread” notification for every reply to every post you enter.


Where did you make this selection?

Click on your name/picture in the upper right, hit the gear, on the preferences
page go to the e-mail (left side), and then towards the bottom there is a
checkbox “Enable mailing list mode”


Thanks! I’ll go dig through .

Email won’t work. My main email accounts date back 20 years and despite regular unsubscribing, cleaning, and using Sneakemail for online registrations (interesting which organizations let your address out…) are deluged.

Guess I’ll keep on scanning the whole forum semi-regularly then. Hard to believe there isn’t an unread option that applies to the whole forum.


To complete the loop, if you go to settings/preferences/notifications and tell it to track topics I’ve viewed immediately it might be the ticket.

Despite trying hard to find everything it’s already picked up 200 unread topics and increasing. I blame swamprats