Change in Forum Behavior?

It appears to me that the discourse forum has changed behavior. I seem to recall that if you get to the end of a topic, the system suggests other topics to read until you get to the point where you have read everything. However, now it keeps sending me to the same forum topics and highlighting the last post in the thread, which I’ve already seen. Did something change in the forum software? Is anyone else seeing this?

I didn’t change anything that should affect that behavior

I still see a list of topics which are recommended for me (mostly anything I haven’t read yet) like this:

Interesting. When I click on the “2 new” in “There are 2 new remaining, or browse other topics in Site Feedback”, it appears to return to the behavior I’m used to. I guess I just learned something! :grin:

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I’ve noticed the system giving me notification of new/unread that aren’t actually new or even unread. As if the system hasn’t fully logged me reading them. But once I click and let it take me to the new and or unread and nothing is there, it doesn’t show up again. Until after I finish with actual new and unread topics.

It also no longer suggests new topics to read as all have been read. That seems like normal behavior to me. It can’t suggest anything new to read if it doesn’t exist.

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