Best ways to use 1/8" Bits in Ridgit R2200 router

I want to be able to use 1/8 cnc bits in my Ridgid R2200 router, as I can get more detail in my cuts and corner cuts will have a smaller radius than using a 1/4 bit. I have seen some are buying a second Ridgid collet nuts (~$20) and the size ER16 1/8" collets (~$15). My concern is the ER16 collets were not designed to be used with the Ridgit router and may come loose or maybe off center causing a wobble that can be very dangerous.

As an alternative I just purchased a 1/4" to 1/8" Collet Adapter that is simply a sheeve that fits in the 1/4" collet that comes with the Ridgid R2200 router at only a price of ~$7 for 2 collet adapters:

I would love to hear from people that have successfully made the smaller bit conversion on the Ridgid R2200 router and their experiences.

I don’t have that router, but I use collet adapters all the time. I’ve never had an issue.

If you are cutting with such a small tool, you are going to need to make many shallow passes so you don’t break the bit. Alternatively, you can do your pocketing and contour cutting with a larger bit, leave some stock behind and then come back for a finishing pass after a tool change to the smaller bit.

This is what I purchased and I know it works.

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Thanks! Great advise.

Looks like the same part as I ordered but with a different “Made in China” distributor. I am glad they work.