Ridgid 1/4 collet adapter

Not really an issue yet, but I wanted to see if anyone has tried the 1/4 collet adapter and had any issues with runout? I haven’t gotten my kit yet and the routers on its way and wanted to see if I needed a precision collect to get good cuts (most of my bits are 1/4). Thanks in advance!

I use the supplied collect adapter pretty much every day and I haven’t had any issues. I’ve almost forgotten it’s not just a part of the router at this point :slight_smile:

Cool thanks for the reply!

I’ve been using the Ridgid r2200 for years. Once we did have a problem with the adapter where suddenly the bit started slipping all the time, but thorough cleaning and squeezing it back into shape fixed the problem. The issue was sudden and consistent, outside of that we have not had any issues.

Sorry guys but i’m a newbie and i’m in phase of final assembling.
I’m from Chile and finally found a router compatible with ridgid r2200 (Ubermann 1350) and this router doesn’t have an adapter.
The bit that came with my kit is 1/2" right?
So what kind of adapter I need?

it’s probably easier to order a 1/2" shaft 1/4" bit than to find a good adapter
that lets you use 1/4" bits in a 1/2" router (and make sure that what you have
is a 1/2" router, not a 12mm router)

I expect that the bit that you got with the kit is a 1/4" bit

if you order a bit, consider getting a single-flute but, as slow as the maslow
moves, that’s a good idea.

David Lang

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