Bicycle dog box

My dog can’t take the heat long enough to walk to get anywhere interesting from my house. I cut this box so I can take her out to the trails and enjoy more nature. It’s also really handy for doing curbside pickup and small grocery runs.

This is the same code I wrote for the “Bike Box for Onewheel,” just with different inputs.


Are you using OpenSCAD?

Yes! It has taken a while to get a good workflow down for designing in 2.5D for CNC machines. I plan on breaking out the polished stuff into their own repos for the community garden and writing up some things for the CAD suggestion forum once work calms down.

If anyone is already familiar with OpenSCAD all my projects are in my junk drawer repo:

Almost everything with a “wood” variable is for CNC:

grep -l wood *.scad

Very cool! I can’t wait to see what you make.

awesome! I bet your dog will love it.