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I’ve been cutting some things that I don’t think warrant a post by them selves. So I’m just going to keep a running tab of all my projects under this post.







I love the Pac Man!


I like the waste with the pac man cutouts, maybe cut that out as a box, put some coloured plexi behind and some leds behind that in a box? :slight_smile:


Ha! That’s a really good idea. I didnt even notice it. Doing the whole game board like that would be pretty cool. Maybe quite a bit smaller though.

Oh man, I got an idea I’m gonna try along those lines. This is going to be cool.


Well crap… could have been cool. 9 hours of cutting. Zaxis popped out a few times (never happened before) and ruined the entire lower half. After bit change everything was off to the left by a 1/4 in or so and ruined the rest.


Dam that’s a shame! looks pretty good too. Still waiting for my maslow to ship, built the frame, 3d printed and designed all the things i could think of so far, and did the temporary sled. Reminds me I had idea for cutting the hole, need to do a post about that. I put a nail/screw in the center of where i wanted the board, protruding up, then put the router over it so the inner edge of the guide was against it, and run it around in a circle keeping the guard against the nail. Does a perfect circle the exact right size for the router. Well to be precise, does it 1/2 the width of the nail bigger on all sides.

Going back to my lightbox idea, what about using thin 1/4? plywood, lot quicker cut, go all the way through. Then use coloured plexi or even just coloured thinker film the right colours. Thinking blue for the maze, yellow for the dots, etc… The bits in the middle of the maze that would be cut out you could glue back in place after the plexi / plastic is stuck on the back. Even do different colours for Pac Man ghosts etc… depending on price of course.

Then you could use simple white leds / cheap tube light in a box to light the whole thing up from behind


How big is that cut? And what did you use to get the Gcode?


Around 2.5 x 2.5 feet. Google images>Inkscape>makercam


Thank’s for the inspiration. Now I know what to make to decorate my kids playroom (they are into retro games). Could you post your svg and/or gcode for it?


Yes, I changed it up a little so I could try again. I’ll post it soon.

I’m trying to work some things out to make the cut take less time.


Take a look at that thread if you haven’t already found the program. It has problems with bit changes though… if you are just using a single bit, it seems to work well.


You might be able to get away with a few clearing passes with a 3/8" or even 1/2" bit. (Probably what you are trying).


would love to get the file for this (vw logo) and make one for my son (he loves his convertable cabriolet)


Yep, .5 then cleanup with .125 and .25

I’ve used it a few times but didn’t care for the turnout all that much. I’ve exported each bit separately to run the optimization on and then compiled them back together and it worked alright with the bit changes.


VW (3.3 KB) (34.7 KB)