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Bosch 1200 Z-axis height issue


All right. Progress is being made. We hacked the Bosch using Dag83’s excellent tutorial, and printed @ned 's bushing and bracket.

Unfortunately, my 3D printed parts were not strong enough. Just the bushing, the bracket is ok so far.

The first bushing let go of the tube, so we decided to drill a hole in it and the tube and put a grub screw in. Unfortunately this weakened the bushing and it split at one of the printed layers.

So I printed another one, this one I designed myself and included a hole for a grub screw. Unfortunately when we stuck it on the tube it split again. My tolerances were obviously too tight.

So, being a Men’s Shed with a well-equipped metalwork shop we turned one out of nylon on the lathe. It is now indestructible and we can move on to the next step.

In case anyone else needs to know the dimensions to make your own:

Outer diameter 22mm
Length 20mm
Centre hole for threaded boss diameter 10mm
Counter bore for tube diameter 15.5mm to depth 15mm

The four screw holes to attach the boss can be drilled by hand. There is 5mm of material to play with. A hole can be drilled through the side as required. We drilled a 3.2mm hole all the way through the bushing and the tube, then threaded the bushing for an M4 grub screw. The tip of the grub screw sits in the hole but doesn’t go through the tube.

Next step, calibration.


I had the issue that the screw rod running connecting the bushing and the motor was too long. once the router reached a certain depth it existed the base of the router and started pushing against the wood of the sled. That then resulted in forces pushing the parts into different directions. I removed 5 cm from the screw rod and now it works like a charm. Just a bit of glue holding everything nicely together.


Did you get that lead screw from one of my kits?


No, I ordered it through amazon… and it was 30 cm. long. So much too long. I cut off a good part but obviously not enough. So my posting is more to maybe allow somebody to learn from my mistakes and avoid time lost figuring out the root of their problems :smiley:


I use 20cm or 15cm long screws, both work.