Bosch 1200AE in the UK - good price alert

Just a heads up that Axminster Tools have this for 69.96GBP at the moment. This is cheaper than I paid at Amazon UK!


Thanks, @Angus_Mack, would you recommend this router?

I’ve bought it, converted it for z-axis control using dag’s kit and I have the Maslow kit but I haven’t built my frame yet. So I can’t honestly say this is a good choice or not other than it’s (relatively) cheap.

Having looked at the forum since I bought my kit, my feeling is that c beam z-axis looks like the best way to go and as such a palm router like the Makita that ships with the new style kit (for 110V in the US) would be a better choice. I think that’s would I do now if I had my time again.

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