Best router to use Zaxis

I’ve heard that the AEG MF1400 KE router has been discontinued in Europe. Can somebody tell me which router is the best solution in Europe to use the Z axis?

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You might check out this thread:

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I would recommend one of the bosch routers. I have seen those work very well. If you find which ones are available in your area I’d be happy to recommend one

Thanks for the info. I’ll think allmost all Bosch routers are available in Belgium. Or they can be ordered by the local shop. I need a router where you can easy mount the Z axis motor.

I have a makita rt0700, that i am making a z-axis for. But someone figured out how to use the internal mechanism of a bosch plunge router as a z-axis, and that one is available one in every hubo and brico


Thanks about the very usefull info about the Bosch POF 1200 AE.

I’ve checked the specs of the Bosch POF 1200 AE and it looks OK and easy the mount the z axis, but I saw a remark on another site. The machine was top but you can’t block the start buttom when using this router on a table. So it seems also difficult when we want to use the Maslow cnc. Do you of any one else has an idea to solve this problem?


I was thinking something like the Bosh 1617 which is very similar to the ridgid:

Would something like this be available in your area?


the problem with the stock bosh routers is that you only have 1 in of adjustment before having to move from one tab lot to the next. There is apparently a base that gives you more available


a ty-rap, rubber band or piece of tape could solve this. You could also bridge the button internally, and wire a switch to it externally

in the film he gets over 40 mm of movement, that’s over 1,5 inches, and since the total plunge depth is 55mm you don’t really lose that much. I’m not even sure if he’s at the limit there, the fine adjust on the 1400 is only good for 20 mm, so it’s not the fine-adjust that limits it, it might be that his acme screw just hit the bottom.

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