Bosch POF1200 Top mount

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This item in the market doesn’t have a price or a link to buy. @Dag83 are they still for sale? If not can we move it to the Maslow category in the the Community Garden?

they sure are still for sale, got about 40 kits in stock. though not much demand since the store changed (which is also when the last batch arrived, so i guess i just missjudged the demand).
I put €15 in the price field, and it did display it last time i checked, has anything changed?

Got it! I’m seeing 15 EUR as the price now which looks good. I changed it to a string so you should be able to put anything in there and be safe. I think the issue is that folks aren’t able to find out how to buy them because there is no link to buy under the “buy” tab here:

How do folks go about getting one?

As is in the text, just paypal me the money and put the adress in the comments. I’m bad at accounting, and that way there can’t be any mix ups :slight_smile:

If i put € 15 as price it doesn’t show up

When i edit the text the links are clickable, but when it shows up in the garden the links turn to text (€ signs too)

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Looks good! I will look into why the € symbol isn’t loading, that sounds like an issue on my end

Is it still possible to buy these kits?
(Since it has been 9 mounth since the last post I thought it was OK to ask)

I shipped some last week, i still have the lead screws and everything metal, but i have to make more of the woorden Parts. But I’m going camping next week so i won’t have time to make some more, also it’s 38 celsius here this week, and my maslow in in a greenhouse which makes it overgezet after 15 minuten :grinning:.

Short answer, Yes I’m stil shipping, but give me a few weeks go build some more stock.


If it is possibly I can buy only the screw, nut and 3D printed part from you and I can make my own 3D printed holder for the motor (the one that you make with your Maslow).

Is it possible to do like this?

Sure, that won’t change the price though since i wasn’t charging anything for that part anyways.

Just put your adress in the paypal comments and i’ll ship it tonight.

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Thanks Dag for your help.
The money is on its way.

I’m so eager to get started.

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Hi Dag,

I just ordered a kit for my POF1400. How long does it normally take to make/send the kit?

If people are wondering, the inside of the POF1200 and POF1400 are exactly the same.
The only difference is the axis on top is a little longer for the fine adjustment.
I mounted the Z-axis motor on the fine adjustment but you only have 18mm so it’s not really usefull, I regret not buying the cheaper POF 1200 :slight_smile:

Hi Dag,
I just ordered a set on Ebay (4-8-2019). Please change the shipping address to:
Schriksestraat 45
6654AN Afferden
Thanks, G-J

Dear Dag,

i hope you are well, i sent the money to receive the component to adapt the bosch router to z axis control ,

please tell me if you received the money and if possible the timing of delivery,
|Transaction ID: 67K567878C4820026|26 April 2020

Best Regards,