New Maslow kit with Z-axis and Rigid Router for sale -SOLD

New Kit with Z-Axis and Rigid router for sale, $550 shipped to US address.

@Radius22 I’ll buy that off you for $550 shipped to Vermont. How would you like payment? I have Paypal, various google accounts, a photo of a bank check (will take a day, maybe 2)…I’ll come pick it up if you’re in the northeast this coming weekend…

Hi Matt,

You can send payment via Palpal, the address is If you send payment as a friend we can avoid fees. I’m in Texas and will send out priority mail within 2 days after receiving payment.

Ralph Hernandez

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Hi Ralph, thanks for responding so fast! I’m rather risk averse, and will gladly pay the difference via paypal for a regular transaction ($16.25). Would you take $566.25 shipped and paid via normal paypal?


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Sure that is not a problem

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Great I’ll send it as soon as I get home this evening. Thanks!

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You should edit that email address out of your post. Besides greatly increasing the amount of spam you receive publicly exposing your PayPal account is never a good idea.

While sending funds as friend will save a few bucks in fees it also erases any of PayPal’s buyer protections. No offense intended, but this is the Internet

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