Building my 10'0" cutting it too close?

I am building out a sub-shop in my garage, and I’m trying to enclose the area where the maslow will reside. The space that I’ve allotted is 6’ wide and exactly 10’0" across. That’s ten feet, zero inches for anybody not in the US. Will the standard maslow frame fit ok, or would 10’2" be better? I can move a wall (plywood) to the other side of a joist and gain 2 inches-ish.

Thanks for help.

I would think that the 2" would be better. There is a post of a frame where the top is hinged to the wall so the legs extend out. I would go this route if you were going to limit yourself to the 10’ or I would shorten the frame up at least an 1" so that you would have a little room.

I would go for 10’ 2". Even that could be tight if the top beam is 10’. You can live with a shorter top beam though, the calibration process will measure and correct.

remember you have to hinge things, so you need to give it room to move

this could be a 1/4" or 1/8" on each end. or you could just allow it to scratch
up the wall a bit :slight_smile:

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You may have accounted for this already, but the drywall eats 1/2" on each surface. That would make 10’ 0" into 9’ 11" when the drywall is hung.

If you can go over one more floor joist. You’ll never regret the extra shop space

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For reference, I have a 12x16 footprint that I built in my backyard. With the 7 inches lost to studs and another 1/4 inches lost to interior sheathing (didn’t bother with drywall and just went with pegboard), I am at 11’4-3/4" and using a 10’ piece of unistrut as my top beam, I still have just over 8 inches on either side. It’s doable, but I find it tight when I need to get in there to work on the motor mounts (plus they are up at the top of my wall, where the rafters come in, so that also limits working space.

As @mooselake said, if you can afford the space, it is unlikely you will regret it later.

Thanks, everyone. Looks like I’ll go over at least one more joist. This is a 70-year-old garage and the joists are not standard width, they’re like 19" apart. They’re just holding a corrugated roof above is why.

Thanks Again.

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It’s just a different standard :grinning:. I think they just eyeballed it 120 years ago when they built the first part of my house.

I’m partial to a fire resistant wall covering, cheap (partial) insurance if something bad happens.

You never know just what you’ll need that space for. I just bought a small Rockwell Delta metal shaper today, minimal use after a good rebuild, just too good a price and deal to pass up. Now to figure out how to use it, after actually finishing the shop addition. Broke my no new tools first promise

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Concur. FOr my little backyard workshop I decided against it, but I made a concession on insulation and went with rockwool.