Button pusher link broken?

Has anybody grabbed the button pusher from The Not Shop (The Not Shop — Maslow)? The image doesn’t link to the STL and I can’t find the proper file at all. Would appreciate if anyone could share it!

Button+Pusher±+3D+Print.stl (4.0 MB)

I downloaded this a week or so ago. Future readers, use the not store link when its fixed

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I will fix that ASAP thanks for the heads up

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Musclechuck™ Quick-Change Router Chuck, Type 1

Instead of using the “button pusher” to change Bits, Can we use this with the M4?

[Musclechuck™ Quick-Change Router Chuck,

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I was looking at those, it should work, but I think that they only make them for routers with a 1/2 inch collet, or at least they did before. They said that one was in the works for the D611 but wasn’t out when I was looking.

Link is fixed now :slight_smile:

I printed the button pusher…it is CHALLENGING to find an appropriate orientation (to minimize required support)—I tried a few and each had disadvantages.

My kit arrives today; once I understand how the button-pusher fits and what interference there may be, I may attempt to re-engineer for easier production. I’ll let you know how THAT goes.

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