For sale: Unused Kickstarter Maslow

Hello everyone.

I have an unused Kickstarter. I’ve opened the box to check the contents, but nothing has been removed from the box, or from any of the bags.

Due to circumstances beyond my control I no longer have the space necessary to use the device. I’m asking $350, which is what I paid, plus shipping to your location.


Is the release version motor control board included? Where will this be shipped from?

Im interested do you accept paypal
Shipping in flat rate box will cost about $13 anywhere in usa send info to

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Absolutely interested! That is, if aluminumwelder hasn’t bought it already.

Im interested if for any reason the other 2 fall through as well.
send me a note at:

Hi, I’d buy that.



I’d add the standard caution about posting an email address online, other than throwaways, unless you want it sucked up by multiple bots and deluged with spam.

Well, maybe those Nigerians really will send big bucks into my checking account if I just give them the number to help them out. It’ll help pay for those internet prescriptions and new girlfriend (and lawyer and Mrs Moose’s alimony)


If you haven’t sold it yet, I’m interested in acquiring the Maslow.

Just a wild guess, but it likely was gone 15 seconds after the original post. It would be nice if @woodstock did an update.


Is this still for sale? I’m in if so

Im just looking for one. I need it for my business.

The OP hasn’t visited the forum since a couple days after he posted it for sale so consider it long gone. The demand here should be an indication…

@jespejo No offense intended. While the Maslow is a great device it’s still a work in progress and not suitable for business use. You need it to be consistent and reliable if you’re using it for customers and it’s not there yet. Not too surprising when a 4x8 commercial CNC router is thousands to tens (or hundreds) of dollars and have been around for many years. The Maslow is a hobbyist device for those of us willing to trade off time for dollars. You’ll spend more in employee (or your own) time than you’d spend on a more suitable device. For the odd one-off job, if you have a local sign shop the odds are pretty good that they have a big CNC router (the Mooseville (think small and remote community) sign shop has several) and may rent you time on it for some small projects. I’ve stopped in several of them all over the USA (their too small to use scrap is hobby sized CNC gold) and found all of the ones I’ve visited willing to chat about their CNC gear and their business, and most of them won’t even accept payment for the pile of stuff they gave me.

Seen a lot of hobbyist 3D printer gear bought for small businesses, don’t know how many times (provided assistance in a couple 3D printer forums for many years) I’ve seen people very upset because they bought a single hobbyist 3D printer (usually a very inexpensive one) to build or grow a business, and then been ticked off because it just wasn’t as good as a $30K Stratasys and they lost customers. Yeah, there’s occasional exceptions that make a few bucks, but most of them regret their choice.

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@mooselake none taken, you’re right. I myself had given the same advice. But the CNC will be used to make prototypes and templates, not the final product. Thanks for your advice anyways.

It’s still available, I’m working my way through the responders in order.

Sorry everybody but I’m definitely buying this one up.

Thank you to everyone that replied.

The item has been paid for and shipped.

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