Buying a kit from 2018

I was going through the swap meet section and found a kit from 2018. It has never been used. Is there anything I need to know.

you’ll need to buy $100 worth of wood and $150 for a router

the original maslow kits really can’t cut a 4x8 sheet more like 3.5x6 with decent accuracy
z axis is slow and needs to be lubed with graphite or moly
bungee needs to be replaced with counter weights
the kits sell new for $400 with a better motor control board, old kits would obviously be less.

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Thanks for your information this really make me think. So I should just buy the latest kit?

Thanks again

yes buy the latest kit. I am using it now and had some hang ups but am on my way to my first cut.

sorry I should of been clearer. the latest kits have all the same issues. two vendors use the new control board, one still uses the old board.

Thanks for your email

So which kit do I need to purchase?

I purchased the new 1.4 with z axis. It’s 399.00. It got here so quick it made amazon look like they are late. In case it did not make sense, they got here super fast. Also just cut my sled and it went smooth.