Looking to Buy a Kit Used - Bought

Hello everyone. Found out about the DIY CNC router community a few days ago and have been absorbing everything I can about them. I am a disabled man from Tucson, AZ. Lost my right leg 3 years ago. I also build virtual pinball tables, not many, but I build very custom tables. It is out of my garage, so something along the lines of this would be a life changer for me. Its pretty dangerous to cut stuff over a table saw on 1 leg for me. And it is even worse to try and push a 4x8 plywood sheet through a rickety table saw on top of that. So, this would be amazing for me. I saw someone from Phoenix had one for sale for a few months but I missed out on it. Is there anyone around the area selling a Maslow kit that is built, and has been used and works 100% that you need to get rid of? Going this route for me is more affordable than any other route. So if you have a kit that you need to sell, please message me and see if we can come to an agreement. Even if you arent in AZ and are willing to ship your kit, contact me. Thank you for reading my post.

Good Afternoon
I have a Maslow Kit with z axis for sale. Open Box. Unused. never unpacked or installed.
Purchased for $499
Sell for $400


Thank you picked up a used kit for a great price.