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Reviews of various kits?

Is there a listing somewhere of reviews of all the different kits, like the original kit, the blue made Maslow kit, and metal Maslow kit? Is there any more options?

I can tell you that EastBaySource is a great kit. They are super fast to get your machine to you, and are very pleasant to deal with.

I can also say that MetalMaslow sled is quality made stuff. I got the sled upgrade and was sent some wrong parts, but he has went out of his way to get the right stuff to me, and to help me get my z-axis upgrade up and running. A little slow to ship, but worth the wait.

Thanks! MetalMaslow is my preference right now. Is the z-axis motor quite a bit faster? worth the upgrade? I have to ship to Canada, so most likely I would go all in or not at all, as shipping is so expensive.

It’s only supposed to be like 4x faster than the stock, if I recall correctly, but just from sitting here watching it right now, it’s night and day from stock. Moves quite quickly, cutting tabs is a breeze right now, and I can’t imagine how much more improved my drilling programs are going to be. I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to get this kit. As sturdy as the sled is, it will out live me LOL