BYOP Bare Blue Smoke Herder Board Only PCBs

I’m putting up PCB’s in the store in limited quantities as a 2 pack.


The password is:


Thank you


This is great news -
Please check the price @Bee - i think there is an error because the price in description doesn’t match cart price.

It’s in the description - however this is for US sales, the fixed price to Canada is unreasonable for this item. I can handle it with you from the DO CNC address. I already mailed you from there.

Thank you

Hi, I’d like to see your price, but the “pcb” login isn’t working.

Considering building one since one of the driver chips on my 1.2 shield died. I ordered 4 new chips to replace it, but it I can use those on a whole new better board i’ll do that.

I see this is an old topic. So I’m guessing you’re on to selling the completed shields now?

Hello JustinD,

We have closed the shop. Other vendors exist with lower cost alternatives.

I hope that helps.

Thank you