C-Beam Dust Collector

Hey, I wanted to share my dust collector file in case others wanted to use! I used the Maslow for about a month before i really got frustrated with the Z-axis issues. I took a lot of great advice and knowledge from this forum and then rebuilt my sled on a leftover sheet of plywood + HDPE and most importantly a C-Beam. I designed up some brackets to match up with my Ridgid router and then designed a dust collector to screw onto my sled and wrap around my C-Beam. This is hooked up to my Shopvac. 3D printed the collector out of PLA @ 80% infill (0.2 mm layers) and have had no issues. Does a pretty good job of getting all the saw dust. The only issue I had was removing the support material from inside, long pair of pliers is a must. .Stl file attached. It was designed around a Ridgid vaccumm hose at 1.25" OD (so dust collector is tapered 1.25" ID of course).

vaccuum attachment.STL (1.1 MB)



This is super nice. Awesome work.

Does it work well to get all the dust even without fully enclosing the router bit?

Bar, thanks for all the work you’ve done!

Yeah, it actually does get almost everything, especially if its cutting in a direction where the “big fish mouth” is following the path. I’ve never done the full enclosure other than the Ridgid router base so I can’t truly compare. I do like that it gets pretty much everything but that I can still look at the cut and watch it if I need to monitor closely.

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Use a one of those vibrate-y multi-tools to free your work from the tabs. They are now cheap and make quick work of that exact problem.

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