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C-Beam Style Z-Axis


We are trying to identify some possible improvements to add to the kits that we sell on our site.

I’ve seen some users with C-Beam Z-axis modifications and was wondering if that would be something people would like to see come available as an upgrade to existing kits, as well as become an option to be included in future kits.



IMO an improved z axis kit would be hugely beneficial. Increased accuracy, potentially wider range of usable routers, faster cutting speed potentially. Huge improvements over the existing z axis kit.


I second that. I’ve had the maslow for 2 weeks now and the Z-axis is still my biggest problem. However I want to say I appreciated that snazzy USB stick with all the files and starter projects. I really like that parametric chair plan.


It would be nice to at least have all of the components for an improved z-axis available as a single kit instead of gathering them from the different sources. The cost of convenience will be there, but worth it, I think.


I think the hardest part for adding it to a kit is that with the C-Beam axis there are so many different iterations and depending upon how a person wants to build their Maslow could change how they attach or use the C-Beam. I think it would be an awesome thing to have as a 1 stop shop, however, you would just have to find what the most widely usable style would be.


I’m not huge on too many choices. Not as a consumer or as a seller. BUT THIS SHOULD BE AN OPTION!:grinning:
Brilliant idea. I hope this comes to fruition.
I’d love it if the compiled c beam z kit was sold to swap out on a “default sled”. I’m only so ambitious and have enough diy projects :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: