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Another C-Beam Upgrade

I got a used Maslow from FB Marketplace with the z axis motor but no router. I had an old heavy Craftsman router but the z axis was crappy and had less than 3/4 inch travel. So I decided to use my Makita trim router with this z-axis c beam. I got two sets of pulleys and belts to have a 60 20 gear ratio from the 6mm motor to the 8mm screw. I directly used the 8mm and drilled the 5mm hole with a 15/64 bit from harbor freight. I could have skipped the 8mm pulleys and just enlarged both 5mm pulleys to the 6mm and 8mm but I was nervous about drilling that little pulley to 8mm. I attached the original z axis bracket with a 1/4 plywood spacer to make the belt tight. I ran axis up and down measuring and ended up with a Z axis pitch of -23.999.

All done, I spent about a hundred bucks. It was so worth it.
Here’s my parts list.
Z-Axis Screw Slide Table -
5mm bore pulleys -
8mm bore pulleys -
I already had this 3" corner brace. -
I printed this 65mm bracket from Thingiverse for my Makita RT0701C
C-Beam CNC 65mm Spindle/Router Mount by dmhoyt - Thingiverse

Here’s some pictures.