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Another C-Beam Upgrade

I got a used Maslow from FB Marketplace with the z axis motor but no router. I had an old heavy Craftsman router but the z axis was crappy and had less than 3/4 inch travel. So I decided to use my Makita trim router with this z-axis c beam. I got two sets of pulleys and belts to have a 60 20 gear ratio from the 6mm motor to the 8mm screw. I directly used the 8mm and drilled the 5mm hole with a 15/64 bit from harbor freight. I could have skipped the 8mm pulleys and just enlarged both 5mm pulleys to the 6mm and 8mm but I was nervous about drilling that little pulley to 8mm. I attached the original z axis bracket with a 1/4 plywood spacer to make the belt tight. I ran axis up and down measuring and ended up with a Z axis pitch of -23.999.

All done, I spent about a hundred bucks. It was so worth it.
Here’s my parts list.
Z-Axis Screw Slide Table -
5mm bore pulleys -
8mm bore pulleys -
I already had this 3" corner brace. -
I printed this 65mm bracket from Thingiverse for my Makita RT0701C
C-Beam CNC 65mm Spindle/Router Mount by dmhoyt - Thingiverse

Here’s some pictures.



looks great! However that small gantry plate you used has the eccentric adjustments screws on the inside and one has to take apart the whole thing to snug them up ever so often.

This large plate is much much better and makes the router more stable for deeper cuts
3D Printer aluminum plate C beam gantry XLarge T6x125x125 mm|gantry plate|3d printer aluminum platealuminum 3d printer - AliExpress

I dont’ know why none of the chinese resellers don’t sell the large plate with the c beam. I was able to get them made, but we ordered 100 in bulk.

if one wants the plate premade from usa source :slight_smile: XLarge C-Beam Gantry Kit - OpenBuilds Part Store

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Thanks, I agree and will end up getting the larger plate. I originally had it in my cart but went cheep at the last minute. I have had to pull it apart and tighten the wheels a few times now. The wheel adjustment takes about 20 minutes so I put it off till the slop is kind of bad. It will be super easy to keep tight all the time with the larger plate.